What came first the chicken or the egg?


One day the Caregiver made a choice to purchase twelve day-old hens, instead of going to the grocery store for a dozen eggs. What transpired next was a life commitment to never go to the grocery store again.


There is nothing better then planting a seed and watching your food grow.


Currently, up to 80% of the food required to meet the needs of the Homestead, Backpacker’s, Wwoofer’s, School groups and Local Farmers' Market, is produced using sustainable and small-scale methods of chemical-free growing. The ongoing focus of the livestock is goats, chickens and pigs. Northern climate grapes and fruit trees are planted on the south facing hill, while blueberries, raspberries and currents are lined up in neat and easy U-Pick rows.  Mushrooms are a must topping on any pizza; they grow protected in the treeline and over twenty varieties of vegetables are grown in raised beds under the sun.  Wildflowers and herbs for teas and for cooking are planted strategically along fence rows so bees can pollinate as they wish. Preserving is essential and ongoing throughout the year - wine, maple syrup, honey, cheese, dried herbs, veggies, beans, mushrooms, canned jams and sauces - the list goes on! And this is quality not found in a grocery store.


When eggs are this colourful, it's okay to put them all in one basket!


On Magnificent Hill, there are many unique opportunities available for individuals and families, including tours and work-stays. Accommodations are rustic and back to the basics.  Bring your own tent or enjoy the comfort of the log dorm with full kitchen. Many building materials have been salvaged from the community instead of ending up in landfill. The results are unique structures like the privy, shower room, ZenZone and sauna.  In the summer, this 100 acre homestead offers opportunities to enjoy moonlit summer evenings cooking in the outdoor kitchen, or enjoy a pizza from the wood-fired oven with a group of friends.


Magnificent Hill is located in the East Haliburton Highlands, south of Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada and welcomes guests by appointment only, May through October.



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