A Magnificent Life my journey to the Hill

How does one change a potentially ruined life into a magnificent life?

Lea Kitler says, “It’s up to you - create your own reality!”



At a young age, the author loses both parents and tries to look after her siblings as best she can. Determined to not succumb to despair, Lea begins to create her own reality. She works at a number of jobs over the years, learning valuable lessons as she goes along.


Finally, she is able to purchase a property that she names “The Hill.” And then, in a position to help others to follow their dreams, her life becomes truly magnificent.


This story of Lea’s journey, in which she shares forty years of experience, lifts the spirits and gives one hope.

Jane Karchmar



A Magnificent Life: My Journey to the Hill’ is not just another story of human tragedy, and the all too common tale of human beings failing each other.  This narrative is artfully crafted to illuminate the human complexity of one woman’s journey through a childhood of adversity, abuse, and trauma.  The story takes a steep turn, however, and goes to places we wouldn’t expect to go – it becomes a heartwarming story of resiliency and strength.  One woman’s journey downhill, uphill, and now firmly on the Hill.  Truly a magnificent read!

Dr. Robb Travers


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WOW Lea! Just finished the book! What a journey! Powerful! Not only are you blessed but you have blessed and helped so many people! You are a wonderful YOU!!! Deeply touched by your story!!!

K. Tripp – Royal LePage



Just to let you know that I truly loved your book!!!  You are a very strong and brave woman! You deserve a magnificent life! It is an “unputdownable” book! It is well-written with a nice flow between present and past.  Thanks again! I will recommend it to all my friends who will be visiting this summer.

Mariette – Bancroft

I just finished reading your book! Man, I don’t even know what to say…I want to apologize for what life’s thrown at you but I also want to give you a running start high five because you absolutely rocked through it all!

Christopher Ching- Toronto




Just finished reading your book…Amazing JOB! Couldn’t put it down – when are you doing a cross country book promotion tour?

Judd Lee – Calgary


ISBN 978-0-9950397-0-4 #AMagnificentLIFE

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